Strong pop songwriting, excited artistic energy, enough creative daring to bring an accordion and a tuba to the rock and roll drawing board, and enough raw talent to pull it off with rave reviews. These are all elements that work together to create the Portland based band TALES UNTOLD. A band with such an individual sound that Harold Olaf Cecil of Willamette Week writes

Finley orchestrated arrangements pull together elements like off-kilter carnival grooves, quasi-klezmer jams. lush vocal harmonies, clever lyrics, and above all tuneful melodies. Tales UNtold is definitely a band that sets its own course.    ~ Harold Olaf Cecil

TALES UNTOLD pulls the listener in with catchy melodies and holds their attention from beginning to end with provocative lyrics and their musicianship.

Marty Hughley of the Oregonian Art & Entertainment says of TALES UNTOLD

Catchy, artful ear candy.   ~Marty Hughley

Storytelling at it’s finest, an evening with Tales Untold promises to send it’s audience away humming the tunes and tapping their toes for weeks to some.